X-Scream Halloween at G-Star

  • 2030 South Congress Avenue
  • Palm Springs, FL
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A Blood Moon. 4 Blood Moons in 18 months. A Tetrad. Some say it is a sign of the Apocalypse. Others merely watch in amazement with each astrological event. Curiosity. Speculation. However, for one segment of this planets population, it is real. It is a curse that they cannot alter and cannot run from -they call it "Verwandeln" - the transformation.

With the coming of each tetrad, the creatures we know as Werewolves or Lycan, undergo genetic modifications in size, strength and ability - a gift you might say, but one with a hefty price. During "Verwandeln" these creatures are vulnerable. No longer can they withstand all but a silver bullet or weapon, for during the transformation they may be killed as easily as you or I. It is for this reason that the mortal enemy of the Lycan, the Vampires, begin "The Hunt".

Vampires and Lycans sharing a planet? It cannot be. For centuries these creatures have sought to exterminate each other. It is for this reason that the Vampire Covens look to each Tetrad with eager anticipation. Historically there were no tetrads between 1600 A.D. and 1900 A.D. 300 years of growth for the Lycan population and almost total Annihilation of the Vampire Covens. But now it is the covens turn! Let "The Hunt" begin. Email Haunt Owner
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  • Good job for new students !!way to go discovering their "PASSION"


    Posted 11/3/14

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  • The BEST of the last three years

    This year was AWESOME! I am so glad we read the recent reviews and made our way back to gstar. Please ignore the reviews that are dated 2012 or before and pay attention to this year. It is great, scary!!!

    Posted 10/31/14

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  • G Star is BACK!!! More jumps than fright nights!!

    Last year was SO BAD, that I almost wasn't going to try, but we saw on Facebook that people were liking it. SOOOOO GLAD we went!!! Felt like we waited a long time, but totally worth the wait!!! It was AMAZING!!!! I don't want to spoil it but for those of you who have been, it blows the last two years out if the water and even leaves Fright Nights in the dust. Even my son, who loves this crap, was like THAT WAS SO CRAZY!!

    Posted 10/31/14

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  • Scarier than Fright Nights!!!

    Amazing set up this year!!! Wow! I have never been in a haunted house like this one and I have been in a lot. I had almost given up after being chased around by zombies last year, but G StAr had totally redeemed itself with this one!!!

    Posted 10/11/14

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    This has to be the worst haunted house I have ever been to. Not scary at all.. almost laughable. The "zombie" walking behind us yelled in my ear the entire time. And not to mention that "girl zombie's" that were dressed somewhat inappropriate for high school kids and the perverts making remarks about high school girls made this the worst haunted houses I ever visited. Even my 15 year old son was very disappointed and not scared at all. It really should be free admission and for kids under the age of 10. This is not for adults who truly want to be scared.

    Posted 10/31/12

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    0 out of 2 found this review helpful

  • Not Scary, Just Aggravating.

    In the zombie maze I got stepped on and hit in the face by bus doors. Then while waiting in line for the other haunt I was yelled at and squirted with water guns. I then proceeded to walk through the other haunt where i got hit in the face with a plastic gun, pushed around by the actors and led around in circles where i couldn't even see the monsters faces because the lights was so awful. NOT FUN.

    Posted 10/21/12

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  • complete embarrassment to the creative spirit of halloween

    I am a student at g-star school of the arts; where this joke of a haunted house takes place. Before I begin to go off on a vicious rant on how much of a piece of garbage this was, I would like to say that I love my school and the opportunities presented to me there. I think that it is amazing that students get to use their imaginations and make events such as x-scream their own. Now for my aforementioned rant: there was absolutely no thought put into this junk. Literally, the only sets were metal fences with a bunch of kids in cheap costumes and bad acting skills climbing all over them like they're trying to hump them or something. There is no story or progression as you continue through the haunt.The theme was supposed to be abnormal and mythical creatures that the government is trying to hide, and by government, I mean five fat kids in army uniforms walking around with plastic toy guns yelling at me like I'm deaf about which direction to go in. And as for the creatures, or lack thereof, I couldn't even see them that well because the place was pitch black except for six strobe lights every fifty feet. Just throwing a guy in a dark room doesn't scare him. As far as I know, everyone who goes through here can sleep with the lights off without crying to their mothers. Back to the actors; these so called "abnormal creatures" don't look scary at all. For example, the vampires are just a bunch of girls with black eyeliner all over their face screaming like they have ADD. The "yeti" is a fat kid in a gorilla suit that you can buy at a pawn shop for eight dollars. The mermaid wasn't scary at all which was probably because she looked just like Ariel from the "Little Mermaid" Disney film. Supposedly there were also aliens because I saw test tubes with unrealistic aliens in them, but they were just four feet tall kids with masks that probably came from a dollar store. Overall, considering that this is an art school that has a highly accredited acting program, its pathetic to witness the horrific acting that occurs in this haunt. This is a complete waste of time and will make you wish that you spent that eleven dollars on taking your boyfriend/girlfriend to a romantic dinner than this trash. Something else that makes the worst haunted house in Florida this year is that the sets look like they were set up by two year olds. Actually, these pieces of crap don't even deserve to be called sets. That would be an insult to your first grader's school play. The sets are literally just metal fences with the aforementioned crummy actors behind them making noises that leads you to believe that they have to go to bathroom. So, if you decide to take your date to a haunted house in which you hope that they will get scared and make you hold them, don't make it this one because I can tell you for a fact that there won't be a second date.

    Posted 10/19/12

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  • not scary at all

    some teenagers wearing party city masks? the decorations at my house were better quality. it wasn't scary at all. a waiste of my money and time, the scariest thing there were two "actresses" by a building fighting over something. this is all just a big hype for nothing. don't waiste your money, go to a real haunted thats really scary!

    Posted 10/8/12

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  • Not As Good As Previous Years. Bring Back The Great Cyndini!!

    It is always great seeing what the students at G-Star put together. That being said, the 2011 haunted house was a bit of a disappointment. No radio sponsor (used to be the BUZZ 101.3). No circus performers (The Great Cyndini was greatly missed). Only 1 haunted house (in 2008, there were two, plus one of the haunted houses did a flashlight tour). Really was looking forward to the rumor that they were going to do a re-inactment of Rocky Horror Picture Show (that didn't happen, although there was a music show of smaller scale, non-RHPS). Heck, they didn't even have their famous haunted plane. That being said, I loved that there was a food drive going on, I liked hearing the local high school rock bands play, and the haunted house that was there was very cool. The G-Star students are always "in character" and a treat to see.

    Posted 10/1/12

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  • Best ever!!

    Great expirence!

    Posted 9/15/12

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    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

  • Nice job's ,only....

    very good job close to universal studios horror night ,my only suggestion is that is a lot of corners empty that can be cover for the kid's to scary people when they passing by,but the rest absolutely awesome.Congratulation!!

    Posted 10/14/11

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  • alright

    it was an ok house. i was upset that they said there was going to be a rocky horror show, but it never happened. we waited forever and after watching some band of kids play music we finally gave up. i probably wont go again.

    Posted 9/24/11

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  • eeh......its alright

    it was good, i do go there every year BUT, there has been WAY WAY better haunted house and last year all it was, was people standing around with goin there soon and hope its better than last year.

    Posted 10/18/10

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  • Impressed!

    Okay coming from adults that came from the Ft Lauderdale area after reading it on websites. I will admit that my first impression was "oh no a bunch of kids". After a while it seemed completely obvious that alot of the kids knew one another and were very excited to get into the haunted house. The lines were long as they only let 6 in at one time. Both my husband and I were pleasantly happy with the outcome and would recommend it to anyone. I didn't eat dinner in the hopes I could catch some food but there wasn't much of a selection. So the only thing I wish to suggest is...get more sponsors to come out, more lighting, take this to your local radio stations and alot more advertisement and I think this would make out for an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING FUN NIGHT. We were disappointed to have to leave just after the haunt because there was not much going on, but boy does this have some even better POTENTIAL. High 5 to all the students...they did a MARVELOUS JOB and we didn't know anyone there! KUDOS...we again were impressed!

    Posted 10/18/09

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  • ONE OF THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the haunted house at G-Star! the actors are amazing and WILL make you scream your head off. I honelsty thought it was amazing!

    Posted 10/9/09

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  • Freakin' Awsome!!

    This haunted house scarred the crap out of me! The actors come at you from everywhere and won't back down till your crying! It's great! I will definatley be back this year and the next! The costumes they use are so realistic as their make up skills. For a bunch of teenagers, they do above great! My sister was screaming and running from a house so fast she ran out to the parking lot! Seriously guys check it out, you'll love it!

    Posted 9/3/09

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    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

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