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2021 Question and Answer With Sir Henry's Haunted Trail

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FloridaHauntedHouses.com recently sat down with Zach Glaros of Sir Henry's Haunted Trail, to discuss what's new at Sir Henry's Haunted Trail for the 2021 Halloween Season!

What's new at Sir Henry's Haunted Trail for 2021? Do you have any new rides, attractions, or special features that Haunt Seekers should know about?

We have done a complete remodel of our entire event! All 3 of our haunted trails have seen major renovations that include new sets and facades, new characters, new props and much more. We have even made changes to our common area to allow for more space for guests.

What are you most excited about for the 2021 Halloween Season?

We are excited to for our guests to see the transformation and the larger than life sets that we have to showcase for the 2021 season!

What differentiates Sir Henry's Haunted Trail from other local haunts in Florida?

Sir Henry's Haunted Trail is a completely outdoor haunted attraction. We utilize the natural ambience of the woods to set the backdrop for our scares. Our atmosphere will remind guests of a New England style of Halloween. This is something that is extremely unique to the area.

How long has Sir Henry's Haunted Trail been in business? Can you tell us a bit more about Sir Henry's Haunted Trail's history?

We first opened our gates in 2014 with just one haunted trail. Each year since then we have grown our attraction more and more to where we are today. We now have 3 haunted trails, an escape game and a laser tag game.

What's your favorite experience since opening Sir Henry's Haunted Trail?

One of our favorite experiences since opening Sir Henry's Haunted Trail is seeing our loyal fans return each year with so much happiness and joy for our event. It is awesome that we have been able to build something that our fans can connect so deeply with.

How long is a typical haunt experience at Sir Henry's Haunted Trail from start to finish?

Most guests can expect to spend around 2 hours at Sir Henry's depending on the crowds. Each haunted trail lasts approximately 10-12 minutes depending on the trail. But don't forget about photo ops with characters, our laser tag and escape games, concessions and so much more!

On a scale from 1 to 10, how scary would you say Sir Henry's Haunted Trail is? Why?

We pride Sir Henry's with being a family friendly event but we would definitely rate us 10/10 scary. With our cast and being an independent haunt we are able to do things and scare you in ways you have never seen before!

Does Sir Henry's Haunted Trail's property have any real haunted history? Do you have a spooky encounter you'd like to share?

So far nothing haunted has happened at our property...at least that we have seen ;)

What inspired you to open up a haunted attraction? What's your favorite part of the business?

I grew up home haunting at my parents house. My dad and I always talked about doing a Halloween event on a larger scale. When the opportunity came to do it on our family property we jumped at the chance and never looked back. Entertaining guests and being able to story tell in such a way that we do is the best part of the experience.

How has new technology (i.e. animatronics, special props, etc) helped you to enhance Sir Henry's Haunted Trail?

While we typically don't do a lot of animatronics (since we are entirely outdoors) we do rely on certain special effects and industry trends to stay relevant and provide guests with all new terrifying scares.

Can Sir Henry's Haunted Trail accommodate large groups? How many people can experience Sir Henry's Haunted Trail together as a group?

Yes we welcome large groups! Although when you go through each trail we pulse groups at a max of 6 people. This allows for the ultimate haunt experience that you don't get at other places.

Does Sir Henry's Haunted Trail offer any special deals, discounts, or coupons?

We occasionally offer discounts on our social media pages so make sure you're following those!

Anything else you'd like to let us know about Sir Henry's Haunted Trail?

You will see a level of storytelling and character development unlike anywhere else around. This is something we pride ourselves on and will always continue to do!




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