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Cobb Cemetery - Real Okaloosa Haunted Place

  • Cobb Cemetery
  • Okaloosa, FL
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The ghost that is believed to haunt this cemetery is said to mostly show up in February around 1:24 AM. People believe he is the ghost of a retired officer who wanders the cemetery in search of his wife.
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  • Definitely haunted

    I went there with a friend tonight and it was definitely a lot of energy there me and my friend parked the care the dirt road and we went down a ways and my friend car door opened and when flashed our flash light at it disappeared. I would definitely recommend to pray before going cause we had a lot of energy and we saw several spirits roaming

    Posted 6/21/24

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  • Please be respectful

    I know a lot of people are coming to this cemetery for a crazy haunted experience. Please just keep in mind that these are real people buried here. There are children who would love for you to leave a toy and sit and play with them. This isn't a scary place, it's full of good people, good spirits. Sit and talk to them, be polite, and don't stay too long. Thank you

    Posted 4/2/24

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  • Abandoned

    I've been to Cobb cemetery many, many times as I have family buried there. There is NOTHING there as far as spirits, ghosts or orbs. All of that stuff is your imagination. I do carry a weapon due to it being overgrown and the possibility of snakes.

    Posted 12/31/21

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  • So gone a few time…

    Each time we went there we all felt liked we were being watched. And then there were spots where is was so cold you could see your breath and it was 77 degrees. Then after being there a while you hear noises, then a thud here and something was thrown at us in there a few times.like trying to get us to leave and the pictures and videos we caught were interesting….

    Posted 10/9/21

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  • Scared the F out of me.

    So I saw all the reviews and I didn’t believe it until I started to drive there. It’s a long dirt road that seems to get narrower as you drive and the road becomes more and more unsettling. As I went to turn around to leave because my car couldn’t go any further, my friend used a digital recorder to attempt to reach any spirits around. When she asked is there anyone here. I looked to my driver side left toward the trees and saw this slender looking figure. It appeared to stand there and as I tried to look closer I realized it was a face without any eyes and it’s mouth opened. Once I discovered this a wave of fear overcame me and before my friend could finish her questioning, I hightailed it the hell out of there. I would not suggest this to anyone unless you go as a group.

    Posted 6/30/21

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  • Really Haunted

    If you go during 2am -3am you will definitely get what you’re looking for, eventually your gonna leave because at some point you feel uninvited, i seen orbs and heard foot steps get closer and closer also wind getting aggressive. I started to feel heavy, there used to be a guy who patrols here but passed, i believe he’s still there doing his job. This place may have possible demonic creatures such as a black slendermen looking guy lives off in the woods watching as you pullup. Many people have been pushed touched or bumped, believing that they’re being forced to leave by an unknown entity. If you visit please visit with family friends. This place could be dangerous if your FEARFUL and ALONE. Also rituals may be held there as i seen circular shapes on the ground maybe to TRAP spirits in or keep spirits out, i wouldnt bother the circles. I took many pictures including the circle but as i go back to review them they were completely gone. If you wanna die, go back off into those woods, there is something more and dangerous off in those woods that roam that area than we know. When entering that narrow one way in one way out dirt road on the way towards the cemetery focus more to your left. Your literally being watched by a slender family.

    Posted 5/25/21

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  • Freaked me out

    Went here for two of my friends, all of us scared, we drove up to the chain link fence and shined my headlights toward the graves, well their was a big gravestone right in front of the car inside the chain link fence, we went back during daylight and it was gone, but we seen something like eyes staring at us and it freaked us all out and I about flipped my car leaving, we were there about 1:40 to 2:30, freaked me out but it’s so much better to visit during the day you don’t get that eerie feeling

    Posted 7/2/20

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  • Closed to the public

    The road is closed off and the cemetery has a fence around it with barb wire, doesn’t matter because you can stand on the road it’s self and literally hear spirits talking. It’s was a hot night tonight and at one point it was freezing cold in some spots and we could see our breath. We heard a voice say NO with out our spirit box and that was enough for me haha

    Posted 6/4/20

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  • Cobb cemetery is real

    Okay I've gone here many times cause I lived in the town. It is very eerie. There was a doll on a head stone that totally vanished after we walked away and came back. Saw several figures and caught a lot of orbs on camera. You feel like your being watched/followed the whole time. There are a lot of unmarked graves as well of kids. You have to go late at night.

    Posted 12/23/18

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  • Yuhh

    I just went last night for the 3rd time and I’ve never seen anything. But there were other people there who said that they heard something running on the left side of the cemetery. And a friend of mine claimed they saw a black figure that she couldn’t make out.

    Posted 6/7/18

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  • Not good

    I think you guy could have given a better description.

    Posted 1/25/18

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  • Cobb Cemetery Search

    3 friends and I went to Cobb cemetery last night. After arriving around 1:45 we walked around for around 40 minutes. One group member walked in the opposite direction. He was on the other side of the cemetery for around 15 minutes. At one point he stopped and leaned over and took a picture towards me and another person said they saw something in front of him so I took a picture. That picture revealed my friend looking directly at an apparition sitting on a headstone. Had a few pictures that I couldn't explain and some I could. Overall took 185 pictures and this one gives me goosebumps every time I look at it. My friend saw the picture and freaked out because he kept seeing the face and thought that it may have tried to follow him home. Lots of activity and definitely want to go back soon. I don't see a place to add a picture so email me dillonmccain@icloud.com for the unedited pictures.

    Posted 4/9/17

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