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Safety Harbor Spa Resort - Safety Harbor FL Real Haunted Places

  • 105 N. Bayshore Dr.
  • Safety Harbor, FL
  • (727) 726-1161
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The housekeepers at this resort have claimed to hear their name being called from the women's bath area of the spa, but when they go to check who it is, no one is there. In the mid-90's the location was renovated and the front desk would receive phone calls from the empty guestrooms in the middle of the night. When security would go to investigate, they would hear voices throughout the empty building.
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  • Accidentally went to the most haunted place unknowingly

    Me and my family visit this hotel every year for the past few years. It’s always a ton of fun because hide and seek tag, goes hard it the hallways that seem never ending. A few days ago I found myself in an area of the hotel I’ve never been before… running away from my brother I tried to quickly find a hiding area. I entered an old hotel room filled with lamps. And I stumbled into the bathroom, it was the same pink color as the original bathroom with original sink, toilet, and shower. I stood there and waited for what seemed like eternity, so I walked out of the room slowly then I heard footsteps, as I thought it was the maids I hid behind the door peeking through the crack the footsteps grew louder then faded, yet I saw nothing- this happened multiple times. Then I later find out the floor that all this happened at has the most horror stories surrounding it. 323… and the rooms on that level… on the other side of the wall… are all original rooms… multiple of them, used as storage, yet are the some of the oldest rooms in the building. Unchanged by the years…

    Posted 7/3/23

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  • Baranaoff boogie man

    I am part of the Touloumis family (aka the owners) and me and my father and a friend have been wanting to visit the top viewing section above the theater. We eventually she gave in to letting us up and gave us the key, at first nothing was out of the ordinary just some old stale air. After just walking around the small space. So we decide to leave, as my dad locks the door he barely turns it and yet the manual turntable lock from the inside slammed shut and locked

    Posted 7/3/23

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  • Absolutely not worth staying here

    Stayed here for one night for work in room 322. Woke up from sleeping to the sound of footsteps pacing in front of my bed, and I’m a heavy sleeper, so nothing usually wakes me up. At first I thought someone was in the hall pacing, but as I became fully awake, I realized it was pacing at my feet. As soon as I realized, they stopped and I knew whatever it was knew I was awake. Then, I felt this energy start crawling up my body. I managed to fall back asleep even though I was terrified, and dreamt of packing up my bags, and calling my mom to tell her that whatever this dark energy was wanted to hurt me. As I was kneeling in front of my luggage, I looked up and saw this woman in period clothing staring at me, then she pointed at me, and I screamed so hard that I woke myself up. When I woke up, I felt that same dark energy standing behind me at the side of the bed, and it did the same thing where it crawled over my body. I didn’t move again until the sun came up, and when it did, I threw the curtains open, got ready, and stayed outside till my flight later in the day. I couldn’t even talk about it in the room, I had to wait till I was outside and a few blocks away. It’s now on my avoid list.

    Posted 6/3/23

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  • Very creepy experience

    We stayed in room 321 and it was right by the elevator and the "restored" 1920's room that has the glass pane door so you can see in. We stayed there for 4 nights and we did not see anyone else come off the 3rd floor or go in the elevator at all. I swear someone touched the edge of my bed one night.

    Posted 12/2/22

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  • Strange things do Occur

    I have worked here for many years and I can tell you what i have seen first hand that music plays by itself loudly in the restaurant while people dine, the back office is constantly freezing, like an ice box while other parts are not at all. Certain rooms call down when the room has not been occupied in days and constantly calls back. We put a Ghost detecting app on my phone and there's all sorts of activity on it every single day.

    Posted 7/26/21

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  • First time guest, unexplainable chaos

    My wife and I checked in to room 332 last week, and had some extremely disturbing experiences. My wife just gave birth to our daughter (we let the baby stay at grandmas house for the day and night for the first time since she was born because we needed a date night) and my wife brought her breast pumping equipment. When we got back to our room at around midnight, we walk in and lay down in bed, and I see her breast pump bottle (that collects the milk; I’ll refer to it as a bottle) literally FLY off the table at an upward trajectory and lands 6 feet away from the table. I’m trembling as I write this because I do not believe in ghosts, but what the HELL made this bottle jump off the table and travel Such a distance. No door was slammed, the table was perfectly level, this is probably the sketchiest experience of my life. It didn’t just “roll” off the table either, it lifted up at an arch and then SHOT across the room (the room is small so only 15 feet wide or so). Afterwards I could not sleep, just had a feeling of dread that ruined my vacation, was miserably tired the next day, my emotions were all out of wack. My wife said she had nightmares for the first time in her life, where she was being attacked but what she referred to as a “demon”, and she never remembers her dreams at all. Something dark is in this hotel, even though it looks gorgeous and elegant, I’m telling you I have never been so afraid in my life. I witnessed the law of physics get violated, my wife’s dreams were violated, and I hope someone reads this and either investigates further or stays the hell away, because something this sinister will not lead to a good vacation. I felt like I was fighting to keep myself from crying (for no reason, haven’t cried since I’ve been a child), I felt pure fear like an animal being hunted, and overall it was actually kind of traumatizing. I still recommend this place because it seems like only a few others have had paranormal experiences, but I will be staying away. Thank you for reading my one and only message to these haunted forums. -Eugene

    Posted 9/26/20

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    I have stayed here on many occasions, I have been in the woman's bath area, been in the ballroom for prom and NOTHING has ever happened. the front desk has "never been called late at night from empty rooms" and staff has NEVER heard thier name being called. no sh!t has ever gone down. PERIOD.

    Posted 4/15/20

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  • werid cold feelings with chills

    the headline speaks for itself

    Posted 1/27/17

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